Our mission

We at Deepform believe that quality sleep and a relaxed mind are the key to a better life. Our mission is to help you sleep better tonight so that you can accomplish great things tomorrow.

Why we created Dreamstation?

At Deepform we strongly believe in the healing powers that sound has on our brains. We love sleeping well and know how unhealthy sleeping patterns can affect our state of mind and everyday life. This is why we created Dreamstation - the mobile app to help you enjoy quality sleep, relax and focus wherever you are.

Why is Dreamstation special?

Combining years of experience of composing music and our dedication to improving quality of sleep, we created Dreamstation to help you find restful sleep and relaxation. We put all our hearts in crafting the perfect sound blend for you. All natural sounds are hand-picked and recorded by us to ensure they have the ultimate relaxation effect on the brain, also known as ASMR. They are then blended with soothing ambient music by our award-winning composer and mastered using high-end audio equipment to create a heavenly mix that takes you on a journey to deep sleep.

What is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the pleasant tingling sensation triggered by specific sounds starting from the top of the head and spreading down the body. The tingles are known to have deep relaxation effect, helping you unwind, overcome sleep disorders and anxiety without any side effects. Premium ASMR sounds are at the heart of all soundscapes in Dreamstation.

Join us on a life-changing journey to blissful sleep and a relaxed mind.